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Retrospective - National Theatre Bucharest

From 27/09/2013 to 25/11/2013 - Invitation 


Thursday, September 26th 2013, attended by over 200 guests, took place the opening ("vernissage") of the Emil Ciocoiu Painting Retrospective (curator Marius Tiţa).

Born in Romania in 1948, Emil Ciocoiu is one of the most important Romanian artists of the moment. Established for many years in Germany, he built an exceptional career, with international attendance at reference exhibitions and in renowned collections. The exhibition at the National Theatre is his first major retrospective, bringing together 196 large and extra-large formats paintings, which give an insight of his creation's critical cycles, and the reflection themes he offered us over time. Read more...

Discover some pictures of this exhibition and watch the following movie to feel the atmosphere of the National Theatre.

  • With her excellence, Madam Jadranka Sturm Kocjan, Slovenia Ambassador in Bucharest (middle)

  • Master Ion Caramitru, General Director of TNB (left)

  • Director Damir Domitrovic, General Secretary of NETA (most right)

  • Madam Adriana Popescu, Cultural Strategies and Communication Director at TNB (left of Caramitru)

Radio interview and presentation clip: this video is displayed during the 2 months of the exhibition on giant screens in several large squares of Bucharest. We added the radio interview taken by Carmen Sãndulescu from Radio România International during the Vernissage.

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Ion Camaritru, General Director National Theatre,

"I.L. Caragiale" Bucharest

What event could be more appropriate to usher in, in the new season 2013-2014, the generous exhibitional spaces and foyers of the National Theatre "ILCaragiale", in full metamorphosis and becoming, more than "The painting retrospective" of a known Romanian and European artist of the brush, EMIL CIOCOIU!?

Prof. Dr. Sorin Mircea Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest

The creation of the Romanian painter Emil Ciocoiu impresses at first contact with the strong emotional vibrations it induces, by the philosophy of colors, ample and subtly affecting the whole being, connecting naturally and spontaneously with the purest cosmic vital energy.

Marcel Philips,

Mayor of Aachen

His world is the universe. Employing cosmic creative power, the artist Emil Ciocoiu reaches for the stars. And stays yet fully grounded. Nature and man, faith and galaxy are his topics, which he expresses through his sophisticated technique. Emil Ciocoiu’s art is colourful, emanates optimism still radiating depth. As does the artist himself.

Marius Tita, Art Critic,

Chief Editor "Romania International",


Emil Ciocoiu painting speaks of man as the Cosmos, of freedom as the supreme vibration, and of Universe birth as the certification date for each of us. The option for the world beyond communism's borders allowed him to fly to destiny fulfilment and, more, of the vision. He climbs and see the world through the eyes of leveling the heights.

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