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Pulsar Consulting

The Belgian company Pulsar Consulting has bought the painting "Way to the Light" and associates it with its compagny image


"Way to the Light" - 1997-1998 - 130 x 150 cm - Oil on canvas

At Pulsar creation, in 1998, the 4 cofounders wanted to associate the company image to an artistic work. Whilst visiting together Emil Ciocoiu's Atelier, they were very impressed by his philosophical vision and fantastic ability to translate/transform it in magnificent paintings. The 4 cofounders were particularly impressed by the painting "Way to the Light", a galaxy evolving across the universe, bringing light and warm all over its passage. The idea of bringing light (clarifying, structuring) into their business, and warmth (confidence, personal contact) into their business relationships and towards employees, was one of the main aims when creating Pulsar. The painting, oil, 130 x 150 cm, was shown at the European Council in Strasbourg in 1999. They decided to buy the painting, use it as a logo and displayed it in the main hall of the Pulsar building.


Please read here the Pulsar logos story. In April 2011, a press article about the company was published and the painting appeared in the regional newspaper Vers l'Avenir.

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