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Michelangelo Museum

The opening of Emil Ciocoiu exhibition took place April 2nd 2016 at Caprese Michelangelo, in the charming house of the Michelangelo Museum, near the house where was born the genius of Florentine Renaissance.

Artist born in Romania and member of the Romanian Union of Artists since 1976, Emil move in 1980 in Aachen Germany, where he become after three years member of the German Union of Artists. His painting, imprinted of spiritual messages and rich in symbols, quickly evolving towards the cosmic domain and find, through the rooms of the Michelangelo Museum, a place of rare efficiency to drive spectator’s eyes to his wonderful message of equality.

From the top of the cliff on which the museum Caprese Michelangelo is built, there is a beautiful view over kilometers away, reconciling the greatness of Creation, allowing to find in Ciocoiu cosmic landscapes a real food for soul.


Trilogy of Revelation


Trilogy of Water


Trilogy of Energy


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Reviews :

  • "Emil Ciocoiu's painting is a hymn dedicated to freedom, a prayer to God to suppress the horror of selfishness, the wars’ dramas, the pettiness of abuses. It is the spiritual testament of a man who through his art reveals the source from which all these come, and represents it purified by the water of freedom.", Andrea Baffoni, Art Critic

  • "Since always, Emil Ciocoiu grinds the infinity of stars in the sky, the colors of the clouds and grass he walks on, the music around the thoughts and words he would like to tell us. In all of these there is a message. There is vibration, fate, creation, genuine feeling, a prayer and a message. For Emil Ciocoiu, the Nature, the Man, and the Universe represent a trinity like a faith which guides him in life, always dedicated to the art. We are people of this planet, and both we and our earth are sparks among many other wonderful sparks, which form the most beautiful infinity, that the Master captures in his works." Marius Tița, Art Critic, Chief Editor Radio Romania International, Bucharest

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