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What personalities (art critics, philosophers, publishers, etc.) think about the Artist and his work

"Emil Ciocoiu's painting is a hymn dedicated to freedom, a prayer to God to suppress the horror of selfishness, the wars’ dramas, the pettiness of abuses. It is the spiritual testament of a man who through his art reveals the source from which all these come, and represents it purified by the water of freedom.", Andrea Baffoni, Art Critic

"For more than 20 years we collect works of Emil Ciocoiu, and we’re still in love with his painting, like the first day. Emil Ciocoiu creates an art that impresses our eye, heart, and soul.”, Karla and Klaus Stollenwerk Collectors by, and with passion 

"His world is the universe. Employing cosmic creative power, the artist Emil Ciocoiu reaches for the stars. And stays yet fully grounded. Nature and man, faith and galaxy are his topics, which he expresses through his sophisticated technique. Emil Ciocoiu’s art is colourful, emanates optimism still radiating depth. As does the artist himself." Marcel Philipp, Mayor of Aachen

"What event could be more appropriate to usher in [...] the generous exhibition spaces and foyers of the National Theatre "ILCaragiale", in full metamorphosis and becoming, more than "The painting retrospective" of a known Romanian and European artist of the brush, Emil Ciocoiu!? [...] It was "love at first sight" for the surprising visual allegories – chromatically fine-exuberant – of the painter Ciocoiu. I am extremely happy that his work will ennoble, for two months, the still "virgin" exhibition spaces of the new National Theatre , pleasing the eyes of hundreds of spectators who will visit it." Ion Caramitru, General Director National Theatre "I.L. Caragiale" Bucharest

"Emil Ciocoiu painting speaks of man as the Cosmos, of freedom as the supreme vibration, and of Universe birth as the certification date for each of us. The option for the world beyond communism's borders allowed him to fly to destiny fulfilment and, more, of the vision. He climbs and see the world through the eyes of leveling the heights". Marius Tita, Art Critic, Chief Editor Radio Romania International, Bucharest


"The creation of the Romanian painter Emil Ciocoiu impresses at first contact with the strong emotional vibrations it induces, by the philosophy of colors, ample and subtly affecting the whole being, connecting naturally and spontaneously with the purest cosmic vital energy." Prof. Dr. Sorin Mircea Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest

"Starting from the universe of his own feelings, Ciocoiu plastically embodies the great human aspirations." Mircea Deac, Art Critic, Bucharest

"Hard work and the self-discipline in the daily practice of his talent, are the foundation of his success. The fluid inspired by his wife and violinist Rodica-Daniela Ciocoiu certainly stimulates his creativity. That both have settled down in Aachen gives us great pleasure. It offers us the possibility to intensively partake in their artistic activities." Dieter and Karl Philipp, Philipp Art Gallery and Studio


"The hard and disciplined work at easel, the serious and profound way to address the big existential themes, that's the key to the success of this great artist." Dieter Philipp, Handwerkskammer President Aachen

"The solid road of this exceptional artist is traversed from analysis to synthesis, in a touching process of transforming mater in spirit." Augusto Medici, Director of journal and publisher Contemporart, Modena

"I consider the painting SHARON QUARTETT as one of the most important artwork realized in the post-war german plastic landscape." Professor Dr. dr. honoris causa mult. PETER LUDWIG, Aachen

"Emil Ciocoiu, worthy successor of Gorj cultural traditions, placed so high in humanity's heritage by Brancusi, has metamorphosed "The Endless Column" in "The Fire Column", representing its essence with a mastery only specific to the great painters, and thus allowing him to climb the steps of universal values." Professor Dr. IONEL CONSTANTINESCU, Bucharest

"Ciocoiu's painting's the intuitive foreshadowing of the order, loaded with the mystery of life which manifests in diversity." Professor NICOLA MICIELI, Art Critic, Pisa

"Along with the Brancusi's sculpture, Ciocoiu's painting comes to fill us with the light of immensity." Professor FLORIANO DE SANTI, Art Critic, Roma

"Emil Ciocoiu's paintings are always evocative of a Romanian folk song that can sometimes be joyful, but also melancholic and sad.
The poetry of Emil Ciocoiu's paintings radiates a tenderness and a special dynamism, an urge for freedom and also a desire mind and soul.
The message of his cosmic vision is expressed by cascading nuance of colour which flow from a misterious spring and express a permanent dialogue between ratio and imagination." 
CHRISTEL VON NAGEL, Art Critic, Aachen

"Based on Byzantine culture and impressionistic influences Emil Ciocoiu has over the years developed completely independent identity in terms of style and form.
The identity of his painting can not be classified. Colour, vibrations, associations, contemplation transformed into art, agitated harmony, a sense of infinity, these are some of the terms used by the critics to describe the work of this artist.
Emil Ciocoiu's energy shows particularly in the pictures "Vulkan" (Volcano) 1984 and "Passionsquelle" (Source of Passion) 1985.
For Emil Ciocoiu follows a time of very intense contact with various cultures and peoples. He travels and paints in places such as San Francisco, New York, Jerusalem, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Budapest, Bucharest and many other cities. These 'sources d'inspiration' have remained very important to Emil Ciocoiu.
Contact with people, the ever accelerating pace of life in our hectic modern world, the increasing aggression, the new migration of people on our planet, all this he observes with his 'inner eye' and transforms it in his paintings into increasingly dense and perceivable vibrations with a special unique indentity. He does it in a way, however which is completely different from the majority of modern painting." 
JÖRG ENGELBRECHT, Enterprise Advisor, Köln - 1995, Comment on the TV film "Prayer of painting" by Marilena Rotaru 8.05.1995

"Emil Ciocoiu's painting confronts us with a new creative possibility: the ability to express music in painting.
His metaphysical symbolism is based on deep, religious need to restore the link between man and the universe.
Ciocoiu is a complex artist who articulates in a solid and clear manner and has a well defined role in the international art world." 

"The poetical dimension of Emil Ciocoiu's painting is accompanied by deep philosophical meditation.
How should we see life other than as energy in motion? It is the painter's challenge to visualize this energy and transform it into reality, this creating a world of fantasy and dreams.
By creating a magical combination of colour and reflected light, Emil Ciocoiu produces a singular world, the goal of which is international understanding." 
IONEL JIANU - "Romanian Artists in the West" ARA, Los Angeles 1987

"In Emil Ciocoiu's painting, light is essential from as many points of view as there are in his canvases' touch lines. He models, recreates, invokes and venerates it. At each display of his images, as a trustworthy shepherd on the endless fields, the artist calls for the mankind to come and take light." MARIUS TITA, Art Critic, Chief Redakteur Radio Romania International, Bucharest

"Art, philosophy and spirituality joined in a festival of colors and lights, touching as much the rational and the emotional, in a visual spectacle of a quality worthy of the greatest painters of the world." TUDOR IVANOV, cofounder of Pulsar Consulting SA.

"Light goes thru all dimensions in their absolute, without referring to shadow." PHILIPPE LEGLISE, Art Critic, Beaune - France

"Gifted with high efficiency, coupled with an abiding passion for painting, Emil Ciocoiu constantly enlarges its means of expression. Resulting creation follows an upward path that will undoubtedly lead to a well deserved accomplishment." Professor GHEORGHE SARU, painter, Bucharest

There is a great chromatic refinement, a subtile usage of light, a calm and solar take in charge of reality, which express the primate of a natural pantheism, thru which nature becomes receptacle and reflex of the human presence."  VIRGIL MOCANU, Art Critic, Bucharest

"Since a long, long time, I didn't met in a young painter a vocation of color and light pulsation translated so serene and softly in the same time. There is, in this painter coming from the legendary world of Gorj, a secret pleasure of color, an inspired humility towards life, and a deep passion for sunlight, and day light, and dusk, and morning, as it sits on flowers, on trees, on ground, on things and on the whole world." DINU SÃRARU, Writer, Bucharest

"Ciocoiu tries to give cohesion to space thru a subtile deprecation of colors, which, even though seems faded, have an internal luminosity that gives to his paintings a certain poetry..." GRIGORE ARBORE, Art Critic, Bucharest

"Emil Ciocoiu makes the invisible visible, and makes the future present to us." ROLF SCHMIDT-HOLTZ, Chief Editor Stern Magazine, Hamburg

"Thank you for your contribution to the initiative to fill this emblematic and important building, The Berlaymont, with fine examples of European Culture. Your art is very much admired and appreciatedby both the officials of the European Commission and thousands of visitors who come to this building and enjoy this valuable artistic contribution." JAN FIGEL, Culture Commissioner at the European Commission, Brussels

"Questo delicato interprete della natura, che ricrea con un'infinità di sfumature di grigi i colorati, iridati con molta sensibilità, si è conquistato un ben meritato posto nella pittura; egli dà ai suoi lavori quell'atmosfera poetica, quella musicalità del colorito che trae la sua linfa dall'autentica tradizione dell'arte romena. La vibrazione lirica della sua creazione genera mediante i colori un linguaggio che si rivolge sia all'occhio che all'anima. Considerato con la dovuta serietà, l'elaborazione dell'atto di creazione artistica ci appare come un coerente sforzo di dimostarsi fedele alla propria strada nell'arte, senza deviazioni da una coscienza professionale decisa, che si rifiuta l'imitazione, l'enfasi e gli artifici."  Professor GHEORGHE SARU, painter, Bucharest

"Ciocoiu esterna nei suoi lavori un delicato sentimento di fronte alla natura, una fine e sottile combinazione dei toni di colore, una maniera personale di abbinarli sulla tela nonchè une seria e profonda scienza di comporre un paesaggio. Cosi, la sua pittura contiene un pathos sincero di fronte alla natura calma e quello stato di introversione e solitudine, una esistenza genuina che si manifesta attraverso un pieno accordo tra artista e natura. Ciocoiu si impone alla nostra attenzione anche per la serietà professionale e soprattutto per la certezza che partendo dall'universo dei suoi sentimenti egli riesce a concretare in maniera plastica le grandi aspirazioni umane." Mircea Deac, Art Critic, Bucharest


"Ciocoiu porta una più severa censura dei mezzi espressivi, una concentrazione tonale di una più grave risonanza, lo stresso piacere del lavoro con tocchi vivaci distribuiti nell'intento di ottenere la forma e di esprimere la spazialità nei paesaggi con orizzonti vibranti nonché nelle nature statiche con implicazioni liriche. L'attento esame della materia, la voluttà del lavoro con la massa cromatica, gli accenti di evocazione lirica (e nello stesso tempo vitali), l'equilibro e la "solarità" della concezione che subordina l'impressione rozza fanno di Emil Ciocoiu una presenza in grado di gistificare le proprie premesse e il credito accordatogli dal pubblico e dalla critica." VIRGIL MOCANU, Art Critic, Bucharest

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