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Allianz Art Collection

The painting "San Francisco" has joined the Allianz Art Collection.

Extract of "The Allianz Art Collection - A journey of discovery through Germany" by Johannes Kirschenmann and Florian Matzner, Editors:

"The works of the German-Romanian artist Emil Ciocoiu have their principal stylistic point of reference in classic modern painting.

The light, glowing colors of his works are reminiscent of the palette of the French Impressionists, while their dissociation from local colors and emotional expressivity are in turn a reminder of Expressionist works.

In dissolving forms, however, Ciocoiu goes one step further, as his motifs are positioned on the border of Art Informel, without entirely denying the object."


San Francisco - 1989 - Oil on canvas - 180 x 200 cm - Allianz Art Collection

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