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4 Resonances


4 artists in their diversity and complexity of expression have something in common: the aspiration towards perfection.

The round shape found in the exposed works is the expression of this aspiration. The circle and the dynamics of the spiral offer the possibility to create freedoms composition, sometimes non-figurative, sometimes completely released from the object and non-constraint of the "mandatory direction" of the vertical or horizontal axes.

Viorel Chirea, Emil Ciocoiu, Ildiko Matrai and Mihail Gavril, come from the world of fairytales from Romania and live and work in several European countries: Germany, Romania, Italy.

Their works are like projections of our existence in a spiritual dimension. They are the object of reflexion:

  • from the perspective of the creative process, as the external reality of the artist serves as a "catalyst", the creation phase, strictly speaking, becoming the search for the image as experienced in his inner worlds;

  • from the perspective of the receiver, because the viewer projects his own reality towards the finished products, in which it is transposed, having the opportunity to interact with the artist.

The positive aspect of the expression by the shape and color invites us to contemplation and meditation.


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